Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010) By Isaiah

Posted by whokilledthemessanger on September 18, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Tim burtain is great. Anyone who wants to debate me on this point should first go watch Edward Scissorhands or  Ed Wood. He is a man inspired by great monster movies, like myself, and is just very well educated in film in general. However, his remakes leave a lot to be desired. To be fair, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a good attempt. I like that he at least added to the story, but at the same time stayed true to it unlike some other remakes (*cough cough* House of Wax (2005) *cough*). And with Alice in Wonderland, he did the same thing. But i do have some major concerns with it. One, and i know everyone has already said this, if its going to be a sequil to the Disney movies, at least call it a different name! Perhaps, he was infering that it was a sequil to the books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Alice Through the Looking Glass. I don't really know, nor does it matter that much, as it doesn't effect the movie in any way. Now the other things, like Anne Hathaway's acting, are a totally different matter. 

Thats right, I didn't like the acting in this. Not just Anne Hathaway's acting either, but really everyone's. I suppose you could argue the redheaded dude at the beggining was funny and interesting, and Mia Wasikowska wasn't too bad as Alice, but everyone else just seemed to take a break from good acting. Maybe this is just me. I am not an actor, i have heard it's a lot harder than i claim it is, and I don't doubt that, but some people just overacted or really underacted in this movie. Anne Hathaway as the White Queen especially annoyed me. Not so much her speach, which wasn't too bad, but her body language was just aweful! Every two seconds she had to remind the audiance that she was "royalty" and "dainty" which would be fine, if it didn't involve keeping your hands in dainty little pinches at all times. 

Besides all I said about the acting, overall whats wrong with this movie? Well for one thing, I really dislike movies that rely totally on CG to tell their story. But, I actually felt this movie used it very effectivly. It did have a story, there was some decent charactor development with Alice, and everyone else (including the CG people) genuinly did seem like interesting charactors. Another really great thing in this movie, and possibly one of the most interesting, is the use of very diverse coustumes, and really interesting colors. By that I mean, in the real world everythin is desaturated and washed out shades of pale blue (not just the outfits but the world itself) but when Alice sees wonderland for the first time, its this vibrant, colorful world. Its very similar to The Wizard of Oz in a way, in that it starts off dull and normal, and goes into this crazy foil of a world. So i'm not going to criticize it on those fronts, but i will say that i thought it was half an hour too long. There is so much bantering in this movie about whether or not alice can defeat the Jabberwock, or if she is alice, your head will just explode. Most of it is compleatly unnecessary. And the other thing I really disliked (and this is extremly nit-picky) was the continuety in regard to the previous stories. 

Assuming that this film took place in the Lewis Caroll universe, and not the Disney one, then the White queen and the Queen of Hearts are in totally different universes. In the movie, Helena Bonham Carter is never specifically called the Queen of Hearts, always the Red Queen, but she is shown having an army of cards, and all of her decorations are hearts. Well which one is it? The Red Queen was a chess peice and the Queen of Hearts was a playing card! The White queen in this movie is obviously a chess peice, but the Red Queen is very difficult to decide. 

Long story short, it has an okay story, with okay charactor development. It has okay acting, and okay continuety. It is a very average movie, and not Tim Burtain's best work

Entertainment ****   -1 for the continuety, but the rest for being visually pleasing

Critical **1/2 -2.5 for bad acting, and mediocre everything else

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